Oct 5, 2012

rhizome interview

"With Abler, I’m trying to engage a nearer future that is manifestly open, to suggest that there’s always contingency. We choose what to do with what we make. We should enter the post-human with our wits about us, with our critical eye on these things. Feminist and disability scholars have both long asked: Where is there recognition for experiences that involve dependence, or inter-dependence? How do we make a culture that affords space for those experiences, instead of continuing our obsession with one kind of useful-able-bodied-autonomous-unfettered self? I’m not sure interdependence is a thing we want to wholly eradicate from the human experience. I want an alternative to the idea that absolute autonomy is the only desirable state of being."

My interview at Rhizome is up now! Featuring the work of Sandie Yi and Sophie de Oliveira Barata.

I'll be featuring both Sandie and Sophie in separate posts here soon. Meanwhile, the rest of the interview.