Jun 30, 2012

2012 06 30 Amalia Pica

Rhizome just alerted me to Amalia Pica's show at Chisenhale Gallery:

Kari Rittenbach writes that "the scale of the hearing device explodes for Acoustic Radar in Cardboard (2012), a crude gramophone-like form with a bell wide enough [that appears to] to catch conversations floating nearby."

And together with this piece, Switchboard (2012), which "plays into childhood notions of telecommunications: the direct line traveling window to window, held taut enough across the block to carry urgent vibrations of the voice," Rittenbach writes, "her body of work forms a critique of the individual’s pure egoism as much as particular barriers to communication (chance, timing, autocracy) – playing with language, symbol and signal to 'talk about talking.'"

More at Rhizome.