Jan 22, 2010

2010 01 22 Affinities Graham Pullin

From an interview in Dwell magazine:

Why do you think so few designers take up issues of universal design, or designing for disability? Is it a question of money, knowledge, a failure of the imagination?

As we're coming to money later, let's talk about knowledge and imagination. Many of the designers I spoke with did feel inhibited by not knowing enough about disability. No wonder, considering this is a territory that demands disabled people and other expert co-designers. So I think that it comes down to those already engaged in designing for disability to invite designers in (which will require a deeper understanding of design in return). As for imagination, disability is sometimes seen in terms of accessibility legislation rather than the source of inspiration that it could be...

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Hoping to do my own interview with Pullin, and will add more images of his work here soon.

image credit: from a related interview in the Boston Globe. Image via.