Apr 26, 2022

every decline is surfable

Robin Sloan, folks, in this arresting prediction-slash-invitation:

There are so many ways people might relate to one another online, so many ways exchange and conviviality might be organized. Look at these screens, this wash of pixels, the liquid potential! What a colossal bummer that Twitter eked out a local maximum; that its network effect still (!) consumes the fuel for other possibilities, other explorations.

I’m not here to say you should quit Twitter, or that no enjoyment remains in cavorting through the network. I’m only here to say, Twitter has no future, so please, enjoy it only and exactly for what it is — every decline is surfable — and do not disregard the alternatives to its timeline, when and if they appear.

I mean—I kinda am here to say you should quit Twitter, but I’m glad a person smarter than me, like Robin, has the technical know-how and the precision to say just what he thinks. (Thanks, Jesse.)