Mar 8, 2019

practical, inventive

I wrote some words about how the digital public sphere operates in my practice for the Massachusetts Cultural Council. Lots of folks assume that the digital means a familiar set of self-promotion or networking practices, but I think it’s subtler than that:

At a critical stage in my career, I did a lot of blogging as a way to transform my personal web site from a formal gallery to an interactive, magazine-style venue to think aloud. It was practical and also inventive: I was raising three very young children, so I couldn’t get out as much to gallery openings and lectures. But I was also trying to think my way into an expanded practice that included art, design, and engineering. Working online was a way to find likeminded thinkers and makers, and to ask my questions publicly in a time of intense personal demands. Many of those online relationships have become concrete partnerships in the last decade since I started out.

The landscape has changed from that time, naturally…

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