Alice dances on six tiles and four ramps at the opening of Media City Seoul. The platform kit is a wooden modular stage for ramped dancing.

There's much more detail to come on this, but you can see here some images from Slope : Intercept's most recent iteration, a collaboration with dancer Alice Sheppard. MediaCity Seoul invited me last year to design some ramps for the biennial that opened last month (September '16), and in the meanwhile, my lab worked with Alice over the winter to design a giant ramped stage.

A secondary outcome of that design work was what I've been calling this "platform kit"—a modular set of ramps that include my original design for single steps and skateboarders, plus medium-scale ramps and interlocking dance tiles. The result was a workshop and performance with Alice in Seoul for the show's opening, plus plenty of interactions with disability advocates doing grassroots work. Here Alice is performing on the kit in front of Seoul Art Museum's main downtown site. The kit will remain up through November for wheelchair users, skateboarders, bikers, scooters, and more. See below some alternate uses we've tracked at the Buk Seoul museum site, and more info at MediaCity Seoul online.

Four children on scooters play the ramp at the Buk Seoul site, with Sara in the foreground, enjoying the view.

A nighttime view of the ramps at Buk Seoul museum site, with three young adults riding the ramps after hours.