A lengthy wooden-plank ramp in the South Carolina woods, on which pedestrians can see cypress swamps and multiple species of other trees.

I'll be speaking at Nerd Nite on Monday, January 27, all about the inclined plane—in utopian architecture, interstate freeways, for skateboarders and on Mars—as well as my ongoing project, Slope : Intercept. Starts at 8 pm at Middlesex Lounge in Cambridge. Plus another talk about the hidden lives of public libraries!

A house in Osaka, where an inclined plane covered in astroturf bridges indoor and outdoor space: windows to the outside on each end of the slope, and a skylight overhead. An invitation to lie on the grass, but with shelter.

A public facilities building at Bona Dea Trail in Russellville, Arkansas: a simple concrete warehouse. The garage door is approached by a simple concrete ramp.

First and third images mine; middle image via Design Boom.